Follow this link to the new version for Firefox 1.0 final.

I took the time to create a new version of my favorite Mozilla theme Orbit.
It's built from scratch for Firefox 0.8 and 0.9 and even looks decent on Mac OS X.

Update 09/20/2004 sorry for the delay - expect an updated version of this theme for firefox 1.0 within the next 10 days]

Update 10/06/2004 finally a working version for Firefox 1.0PR, install links have been updated. You might need to deinstall any previous version or manually enable this theme after installation.
Feel free to leave me feedback here as I am planning on tweaking some things over the next few weeks. Especially the gfx for the main buttons still need a brush-up.

Next update: after release of Firefox 1.0 final, hopefully sometime next week - i'm sick and tired of these release candidates and their undocumented "features" - oh and expect the "no background" version, too!

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