Doing the proverbial »switch« from Windows to Mac OS X at home (business still runs on Microsoft), it takes quite some getting used to the changes. Not that either OS is so unique, but I have a couple of favorite tools and utilities on Windows that are an intricate part of my everyday work and had to find equivalents for my Mac. In the next few weeks I will list the programs and how I replaced them.
KeyNoteHog Bay Notebook a lot of organizers/editors are available for both worlds, so the selection depends mostly on what your preference for organizing notes is. I don't really like Stickies or similar applications, rather keep my ideas and notes in a hierarchical structure.
Looking at texteditors for programming and webdesign, I'm a longtime fan of MultiEdit 8 and by recommendation of pretty much everybody tried BBEdit which looks powerful enough but still takes a lot of getting used to.
For FTP transmissions I stick with CuteFTP 3.5, the version might be outdated, but it does everything I want and allows for more control than most current FTP programs ⇒ Transmit seems to be a good replacement on the Mac side.
Mailwasher Pro is extremely handy for spam filtering and one of the few programs that allows deletion of unwanted messaged right on the POP server. POPmonitor does similar things, including white-listing and filtering but is not yet quite as comfortable if you have to manage multiple e-mail addresses.

Still looking for a Mac counterpart to ACDSee, the Mac version is far from acceptable and iPhoto has a lot of problems with huge collections of pictures. JView is ok but has limited functionality.
More to follow.

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