So it's been 20 years since I started out wasting my time with computers and I thought it might be fun to reminisce a bit. Here's what i spent my money on (way too much, i know) since then (click the image to see them all):

  • TI-99/4A 16kByte RAM and 256 colours! i was so proud...
  • Atari 260 ST, added some memory, external dual 3,5" floppy
  • Apple Color Classic, still have that one sitting around somewhere
  • Apple Performa 450 (lcIII), also known as the pizza box
  • some generic Pentium 1 PC with 128MB RAM, Windows 95 and 98
  • self built Pentium III based PC, i still use this box every day
  • Apple Powerbook G4, 15" screen, 1GB RAM, the height of evolution until the G5 was released this week.

Of course I worked with dozens of others computers over the years, had my fingers on almost everything from a Atari 400XL to a PDP11, but those were the original magnificient seven.

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