I believe the biggest divide on news consumption is the pull vs. push gap, which besides the difference in quality of implementation seems to be mostly tied to age/generation–the younger the user the more they seem to be 'push'-oriented.

I'm 99% pull. I want to input information on my terms (pull) not be force fed by a service or get constant pings by some app on my device (push). And while I can see the beauty of services like @circa the implications are rubbing me completely the wrong way. I'm my own aggregator. Another reason might be that I have strong issues with authorities and being externally controlled.

Of course I receive notifications on my mobile phone but these are limited to a bare minimum of apps like Twitter or Katwarn (nationwide uniform warning service) and I go out of my way to deactivate most other reminders and notifications. The beauty of E-Mail was that it was asynchronous, you read on your own schedule and reply when you have time or feel like it. SMS and all those other chat services changed that and the user became a slave to reaction.

That's also the main reason why I'm not the target audience for the AppleWatch, I don't want another device that constantly pushes me towards giving up time from my self selected schedule. While I can appreciate the design, the functionality and even some of the added value, I'd rather not use it.

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