not yet time for lunch, he stepped out of the office for a quick break, to see some green, relax his eyes after sitting in front of a screen for a couple of hours. she stood in front of the adjacent building and he didn't even notice her until she said »hi«
»hey, howya doin.«
she was in her thirties, and had something particular in her look. curiosity in her eyes.
»you on a cigarette break?«
»kinda, i don't smoke. just trying to get some air.«
it wasn't just curiosity, there was some kind of energy in her gaze. she caught his eye, apparently saw something unusual too.
»do you have condoms?«
he hesitated for a second, considering the question and what she could have meant. he was slow like that sometimes.
»in the car.«
he stepped over to the parking lot and as he returned she had already unlocked the restroom. she sat down on the countertop next to the sink, pulling up her skirt and started to rub herself while he was fumbling with the wrapping. they were wild, just this side of violent, pressing at each other, grabbing, scratching, all the while their eyes closed. it was over almost as fast as they started. not necessarily the best sex he ever had, but liberating enough to be remembered for years to come.
while washing up she looked in the mirror, smirking, made eye contact.
»wanna talk about it?«
»sure. what's your story?«
»my husband's an asshole, i'll spare you the details. how about you?«
»girlfriend just dumped me. just a minor part in changing her life, burning bridges.«
»sounds more like male behaviour.«
»closer to the truth than you might think.«
macho instincts kicking in, he started to feel guilty, no, obliged.
»can i buy you lunch?«
»nah, that's o.k., i gotta get back to work. enjoy what's left of your day.«
»thanks, you too.«
he stood there for a couple of minutes longer, focusing on the trees in the distance, feeling just as confused as earlier, if much lighter.

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